How simulate DSF with louver

how can I simulate DSF with regard daylight & energy

One way would be to model them in LBNL window. From there you can export idf & BSDF file of the assembly I believe.

i need to analysis parametric DSF for optimization

Hi I have a similar question, about modelling a double skin façade with a cavity in Rhino, for daylight simulations. Should I use a bsdf material for the whole component? What would be the best way to simulate what will happen in the cavity between the outer layer of glazing and the inner one? Thanks Julie

I tried it with my team but i guess it doesn’t work!!!:disappointed_relieved:

I would just note that there is already a pretty good hydra showing how to set up an energy model of a DSF:

Also, how you set up a daylight model for a DSF completely depends on whether you already know your control strategy for the louvers or you want to test out a variety of different strategies for them. If you already know the control strategy, you can just do two annual daylight models (one with the louvers and one without) and post-process the two hourly illuminance results. If you are looking to test out a variety of different strategies to see the impact on illuminance, you should use the BSDF method that @devang cited and the 3-phase method in this example file:

I understand LBNL WINDOW may not be the most intuitive program but I can assure you that it does work for generating BSDFs of louvers and blinds among many other common types of shades.