How to account for context for Irradiance in HB?

Hi all,

We’re using the HB annual irradiance tool to compare the direct irradiance between a window « without context » and a window « with context » ( mainly the context is the building morphology affecting the received irradiance )

To draw the window « without context » , we offseted the window’s grid 3 meters away from the building, so the context won’t affect it and for the window « with context » , we left it in its place.

The weird thing is that we are receiving the same amount of direct radiation for both of the cases.
I was wondering if the tool is taking into consideration the context , which we tried inputing it in two different methods

By creating an « HB face » and inputing it in the « HB model »

By inputing it in an « HB shade » and then in the shade of the « Hb model »

Is there another way to include the building as a context in the Hb annual irradiance ?

Here’s a wetransfer link for the tested files : WeTransfer - Send Large Files & Share Photos Online - Up to 2GB Free

Thank you !


Hi @Theophile,

The reason why you get the same results is because you are in fact simulating the same model twice. When you use the ModelToRad component it writes to the same folder for both models because both models are named the same (default ‘unnamed’). I tried to give the two models different names and I get different results. Let me know if the attached file works.
Irrad (140.7 KB)

Hi @mikkel,

It worked with your file and seems to be working fine when I make the change.

Thank you for your response !


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