How to add external shading schedule in Daysim simulation in Honeybee legacy?

Dear all,
I want to use the external shading schedule in Daysim simulation of Honeybee legacy. I found a similar discussion in Dynamic shading controlled by .csv for daylight simulation, in Honeybee legacy, but this function is only available in Honeybee +. As I still want to use Lightswitch algorithm in Daysim, I want to use this function in Honeybee legacy. Does anyone have an idea how I can make it?


Daysim does generate the profiles itself as csv files based on your control strategy and the Lightswitch algorithm that you mentioned. I’m not sure why would you want to overwrite the csv file?

Hi Mostapha,
Thanks for your reply. Because I am trying to integration shading simulation in Daysim with the simulation in E+. The shading control strategies defined in Daysim and E+ are different, so I want to uniform the control strategies, e.g. using solar radiation to control shading system. I think that if Honeybee legacy can use the customised csv file, which I will define myself and use for both Daysim and E+, then I can uniform the shading control system in Daysim and E+.