How to add glass(transparent) material as shade for sunlight analysis?

Hi everyone, I’m new to Ladybug and honeybee, I’m currently doing a project for my design class where I want to analyze different translucent facade patterns affect the amount of sunlight received inside the building. The roof facade is similar to glass with 80% transparency, so I was trying to set it as a glass window. I want to later run point in time sunlight analysis and annual analysis, but I’m struggling to set up the geometries for this simple analysis. I know it’s probably quite easy but I can’t seem to find any tutorials on that. If anyone know how i should set up the translucent facade patterns please let me know, of if there are similar example files. I have done sunlight analysis before using lady but so I just need to know how to set up the geometry for this part.

Thank you.

Hi @thealee, if I am not mistaken to model glass as shade you have to setup your shade construction similar to the image below . Note for specular_ input:
“specular_: A boolean to note whether the reflection off the shade
should be diffuse (False) or specular (True). Set to True if the
construction is representing a glass facade or a mirror material. Default: False.”

I don’t know what the other input values should be for your case only that one.

A bit late but I hope this is helpful