How to add HB_Surfaces (Blinds/Shade Geometry) in window states?

Hello Everyone, @devang @sarith @mostapha @chris @AbrahamYezioro @rxs5160 @Mathiassn

I am running a simple daylighting simulation for a box model with three windows in HB[+] using HoneybeePlus_DC Grid-based Daylight Recipe.

The geometry details are as follows:

  1. I have assigned all three windows in one single window group.
  2. This window group has two different states.
    a) Base State [0] - Having windows with VLT 0.5
    b) State 1 [1] - Having windows with VLT 0.5 + Exterior Shade surfaces @60 degree inclination (Opaque) with 0.5 reflectance.

This is the image of my 3D-Model

Now, when I run the simulation, It is running smoothly without having any errors. But I am wondering that why I am getting almost the same Daylight Autonomy values for both the above-mentioned window states. I am attaching the results of the simulation.

This is the result for “Base State [0] - Having windows with VLT 0.5”.

This one is for "State 1 [1] - Having windows with VLT 0.5 + Exterior Shade surfaces (Opaque) with 0.5 reflectance."

Kindly check for possible mistakes. Or is there any other way of adding HB_Surfaces in window states? Kindly suggest.

I am attaching the grasshopper file for your reference.
Tarun (583.0 KB)

Thanks and Regards.
Tarun Verma


I am facing the same problem, please let me know if you get any solution.


Sure!!! @NIKHIL

Hi @tarun0949 . Can you try this modified file and check if it works on your end. It works for (586.1 KB)

Hi @Asisnath

I tried again with the files you shared, but I think you have connected an "opaque material instead of a “glazing material” in the window state. If I connect the glazing material, then my problem remains the same. I think we should not connect an opaque material under the window state component; otherwise, the complete windows will be blocked as there is no light transmittance value associated with that surface.

Can anyone suggest something on this?