How to add luminance values in false color image for glare

I want to know how I can add luminance values (as shown in the figure below) on a false colour image produced from glare analysis.

My Gh file:
Glare (782.6 KB)

Thank you.

  1. You can use printExtrema_ input on Honeybee_False Color component. That will show highest and lowest luminance in the scene.
  2. For mannual control over spotting luminance values, you should use wxfalsecolor and use the HDR file generated by Honeybee.
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Hello Devang,
Sorry for very delayed reply. And thank you for the help, the wxfalsecolor seemed to be useful.

For just getting luminance value: you can use ImageViewer to do this as well:



Thank you @MingboPeng

I would like to reply to this old thread because it coincides with my problem.
I have been using lb image viewer to visualise the falsecolor and check the value of illuminance at a certain point. But I noticed a difference between the legend and the radiance value:

I checked the same HDR with wxFalsecolor and the value displayed by selecting a point in the image matches the legend:

I am uploading the .hdr file:
while the .gh file is extremely simple so I am just reporting the screenshot:

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Hi @Francesco661,

The converted HDR doesn’t contain the original value. You will have to use the original HDR file from the Radiance in order to get the correct value.


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