How to analyze Electrochromic Glass with a single point in time and sensor point

Hi everyone,

I have been attempting to analyze an electrochromic glass with 4 states during a single point in time (currently using HB Annual Irradiance) and using a sensor point in a generic model. I have had numerous issues with understanding how the electrochromic glass changes between the 4 states and if the change is due to an increase of illuminance or not. My results have been very similar each time I run the script, so I believe I may have made a mistake when creating the ‘Electrochromic glass script’ and connected it to my model (surface based).

Does the HB Dynamic Aperture Group control the selection of the states for the electrochromic glass in relation to their relative sun exposure?

As well, what information does the electrochromic glass consider when changing between the 4 states? For instance does it change in relation to the sun intensity or position?

Overall the intent of my analysis is to prove that the Electrochromic glass would be useful along with some louvers I designed in reducing glare and illuminance levels to 300 lux - 500 lux in the model.

I am new so I am unable to upload my script or images at this time.

Link to Dropbox (rhino and grasshopper analysis):