How to assign a schedule to the louvre shades?

Hi all,

My model assigned the louvre shades correctly, however, I have a problem with their schedule. I am using LBT 1.4 where I saw the ‘transmittance schedule’ and created the workflow as below. But the results of daylight simulation do not alter whatever I change in this ‘type limit’ in the ‘HB fixed interval schedule’ component.

I hope to get some help regarding this,

Hi @berrakbalci,

If you upgrade to LBT 1.5 you can add a transparancy schedule to the HB louvre shades.

This is true @Erikbeeren , but … this is for E+ simulations and not daylight (Radiance).
For daylight you need to wait for the multi state windows, which i’m not already sure what is the status of this.

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Thank you so much, @Erikbeeren and @AbrahamYezioro for your valuable guidance and support.
Do you have any suggestions regarding this @mostapha and @chris ?