How to assign a schedule to the louvre shades?

Hi all,

My model assigned the louvre shades correctly, however, I have a problem with their schedule. I am using LBT 1.4 where I saw the ‘transmittance schedule’ and created the workflow as below. But the results of daylight simulation do not alter whatever I change in this ‘type limit’ in the ‘HB fixed interval schedule’ component.

I hope to get some help regarding this,

Hi @berrakbalci,

If you upgrade to LBT 1.5 you can add a transparancy schedule to the HB louvre shades.

This is true @Erikbeeren , but … this is for E+ simulations and not daylight (Radiance).
For daylight you need to wait for the multi state windows, which i’m not already sure what is the status of this.

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Thank you so much, @Erikbeeren and @AbrahamYezioro for your valuable guidance and support.
Do you have any suggestions regarding this @mostapha and @chris ?

See this discussion, @berrakbalci

Dynamic shades in annual daylight simulations are technically supported right now on the SDK layer so you will need to do a little customization in GHPython until we expose it officially.

Hi Chris,
Thank you so much for your reply. The energy results of the building with transparent shades are still not the same as the no-shade scenario. How can I create fully transparent shades by ignoring the long-wave radiation and running the energy simulation?