How to back up view-based images in LBT?

Dear LBT developers

I wonder if you have included any functionality in LBT to collect/backup images resulting from multiple view-based simulations with the same model name?

Thank you.

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Just give each model a different _name_ and each simulation will run in a separate folder:

You can also use _folder_ input of the recipe settings to ensure that the simulation runs in a specific directory on your machine:

Thanks @chris. I see that it works as you suggest, but I still don’t find the solution ideal.
Apart from the inconvenience of looking for images in separate nested folders, to make time lapse renders, we do multiple point-in-time simulations that only change the sky for the same model.


Unfortunately, these types of simulations require the creation of multiple files. Trust me that it’s much better that they are organized in sub-directories rather than having all of them be flat. If you really need something that flattens everything in s single folder, you can always use a few lines of GHPython to copy each file. You’ll just need a _folder and an _hdrs input.

import os
impot shutil

for image in _hdrs:
    new_file = os.path.join(_folder, os.path.basename(image))
    shutil.copyfile(image , new_file)

You can check this link also.