How to calculate ASE using Ladybug1.6 plugins?

I was looking to calculate ASE by using Ladybug 1.6 plugins but could not find any component to help me do the simulation. I am not sure after searching through the internet and forums if the component exist in this version or not. Can anyone help?

Hi @vaishaly,

I’d recommend doing this with the Pollination Grasshopper Plugin (it’s free to use).

Details of the LEED Daylight recipe are here, which include the ASE calculation.

Hi @charlie.brooker
Thanks for this, but I am looking for components which can help me get the results through 1.6 plugins only.
@mostapha Is there a way?

Hi @vaishaly,

There is no separate recipe for ASE, but you can run annual-daylight and connect the results to HB Annual Sunlight Exposure.

Hi @mikkel
Such component do not exist in 1.6 plugins

Hi @vaishaly . As @mikkel said you can run annual-daylight and then connect the results to ASE component as shown below. We dont have a separate recipe for that but we can extract results for ASE component.

I think you also need to update with LB Versioner before you get the component if you installed 1.6.0 from Food4Rhino.

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@Asisnath Thanks for this, but somehow these components are missing from my tab.

@mikkel Ill give it a try!

I found this tutorial from Philip very helpful for ASE calculation.