How to calculate indoor air flow with double skin facades using Butterfly CFD?

Hello everyone,
I’m trying to simulate indoor velocity to explore the performance of an adaptive facade responding to outdoor wind speed. I want to simulate the change in indoor wind speed with air vents on both sides and on one side. So the question is, how do I set inlet and outlet air vents so that the snappyhexmesh can around the entire building? I tried two methods, but neither seemed to work very well:

  1. The inner and outer layers of the DSF were set as inlet air vent (blue triangle) and outlet (red triangle) . However, the snappyhexmesh was only around DSF.

  2. On the basis of method 1, expand the calculation area to the whole building (green part). The snappyhexmesh didn’t around DSF.

    I appreciate it if you can help me to solve indoor air flow with DSF using butterfly CFD.
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Are you having problems with mesh creation in snappyhexmesh?
Can you illustrate the mesh you want to create?
Can you upload the gh file for the mesh creation part?