How to calculate mean daily solar radiation on a terrain?

Hi all,

I am trying to calculate solar radiation on a terrain, and I set the analysis period from June to September. How can I get the mean daily value of that period instead of the cumulative value?


You can take the total radiation results (bottom right on the radiationAnalysis) and divide by the number of days in your analysis period.

You may want to re-visualise with this revised scale, the recolorMesh component is a good one to be familiar to take modified results and generate another graphic over the mesh.

  • However, as the relative difference in radiation won’t change, the graphic will be the same, so you could take a shortcut and just hack the scale bar (divide the legend by no. of days) in your presentation software

You could use the raw data from Daysim. It will be a lot of data but then you could sum up any period of time.


Thank you so much for your help!