How to calculate vertical daylight factor by honeybee?

Hi everyone, I have found that there are a few discussions about the vertical daylight factor.May I know how to get the result of vertical daylight factor (currently can get the result of ground inside rooms, but i want to get the result of windows, facade…). Many thanks.

The sample of script i have downloaded from here (
Many thanks

Hi @Billy
You can create a vertical plane,then use Honeybee-legacy version 0.0.66 to generate the point and directions.

FYI, @minggangyin , there is a version of that component in the LBT plugin. You can see here it’s called LB Generate Point Grid. I understand that it might have been hard to find at first since the component is now under Ladybug instead of Honeybee.

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@chris I got this component, it is great!

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