How to Capture the Effect of Fan & Heat Capacity in UTCI Study

Hi All,

I’m currently working on an UTCI simulation using Ladybug tool: Dry Bulb Temperature (DBT) + Mean Radiant Temperature (MRT) + Wind Speed + Relative Humidity (RH). So, I’ve 2 questions over here:

  1. How should I capture the heat capacity of the ground materials while simulating for MRT? Thermal mass material eg concrete conducts heat better than timber.
  2. How should I take the ceiling fan effect into account for UTCI as higher wind speed would improve the results? I’m considering using Eddy but not sure how should I insert the wind speed output from Eddy into each grid cell for UTCI.


Hi @Austin - Welcome to the forum. I’m not the best person to answer this question but to give you a starting point.

If I remember correctly, @chris’s recommendation is to model the ground as a Honeybee room with the desired construction on the roof.

This should be possible. I know that this has been requested before, and at least in the Honeybee recipe there is an input for wind speed matrix.