How to convert .wea to .epw?

There is no .epw source of the project in the Ladybug Map,but I have another weather data which is .wea used in the Ecotect.I want to know how to make .wea change to .epw.

@Jocelin ,

I think it’s important to clarify in your post that you do not mean the .wea file used by Radiance since this type of file is much more common in Ladybug Tools workflows (none of Ladybug Tools components make use of the Ecotect .wea file).

To address your question, you will see that, according to

WEA files contain weather pattern information and are used for simulation purposes. They are saved in a binary format that can only be opened with Autodesk software.

So, because these files are proprietary, you have no hope of getting the data out of them unless you have a copy of Autodesk Ecotect (or possibly some other utility provided by Autodesk).

It may also be worth clarifying here that we of the Ladybug Tools community are generally of the opinion that we should refrain from using any proprietary file types in our core libraries. While there isn’t too much we can do about .3dm or .gh formats, all of the files used under the hood of Ladybug Tools (.epw, .rad, .idf, .osm, .json, .csv, .sqlite) are open formats. Most of them are readable text and the few that aren’t (like sqlite) are open formats and have parsers in several computer languages. So, if you use Ladybug Tools, you can rest assured that a situation like this will not happen to you with any of the file types we use under the hood.

@chris Thank you very much Chris! It’s very glad you help me.
BTW,if I want to simulate thermal climate index of a city which doesn’t have open format files mentioned above,how could I get the climate data such as dry dulb temp., humidity,wind speed and radiation?

@chris Hi Chris,I converted .wea to .epw by Weather Tool in the Ecotect successfully. And I get the epwfile of the city I want to get.
But sadly I put it into the EXPORT TO THE OPENSTUDIO in the Honeybee,it said:“1. Solution exception:C:\Git\OS\openstudiocore\src\utilities\filetypes\EpwFile.cpp@2733 : EpwFile ‘C:/ladybug/Qingdao__CHN_2001/Qingdao_CTYW.epw’ cannot be processed”,like the picture below.

What difference between the converted file and the other epwfile from epw map? I’m very confused :frowning:

BTW,the epwfile I get from epw map can be successfully used in the “Export to Openstudio”.

As I hinted at before, I don’t know anything about the world of Autodesks’s proprietary file formats or utilities so I cannot help you beyond the following suggestions:

  • Check the longer output of the error message from the OpenStudio component (in the out) to see if it tells you more info about what is wrong with it.
  • Open you EPW in a text editor and/or spreadsheet and see if there are any obvious differences between that and the DoE-provided files
  • Search/post on Autodesk’s websites

Thank you Chris.I will check it.