How to coupling SrfTemp and solaradjustMRT for UTCI

Hello, I recently started some research on outdoor comfort. I saw that your article on UTCI analysis mentioned the path of coupling surface temperature & Solar.

I want to try it, but I can’t find the relevant. GH file in the case file. I’m curious about their combination. I don’t know if I can share this part of the battery, For everyone to learn. Thank you.

How are these three parts coupled?


The basic process is to calculate the weighted average of the surfaceOutdoorTemp by their corresponding view factors for a given location to get the initial MRT, then add the MRTDelta from the SolarCal component to get a meanRadiantTemperature input that accounts for short-wave radiation.

Here’s an example for HB-Legacy: Hydra Viewer

The SolarCal model, LBT has a better model of short-wave radiation[1], so it’s better to install LBT then use the legacy tools.

[1] Is Legacy better in the field of thermal comfort? - #2 by chris

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thank you so much @SaeranVasanthakumar ,tis very helpful.
i guss i need one or two lines Python in a GHPython component to calculat as the agglomeration of the two components; the long-wave radiation from the outdoorsurfaces and the additional amount of absorbed solar short-wave radiation. :rofl:
It would be best if you could give me some advice