How to create a closed volume for splitting masses into core and perimeter zones?

I am currently using the new import gbxml component to import Revit models into GH to analyse.

I want to be able to split the different masses into perimeter and core zones. This work if I have a single mass, however when I have two joint together the building is no longer a closed volume.

I think I need to do something about the interior wall. But I don’t know what to do to assigned it as an interior wall.

Does anyone know how I should go about closing the volumes for both masses so I can then split them?

Thanks in advance.


Hi Sandi,

Can you share the GH with internalized geometries? I could take a look.


Awesome, thank you Devang!

HBgbXML 2 (128 KB)
20x20 Hipped roof no ceiling no spaces - Two Rooms Roof joint2.xml (213 KB)

I have tried to use the perimeter and core zone component as well as to directly split the honeybee zone (Using Split building mass) but the input should is a building mass not an existing zone. (See original PNG).


If I understand what are you trying to do correctly you’re not choosing the right workflow. Revit has already built-in functionalities to subdivide the zones and then you can bring the zones to honeybee and run the analysis.


I see I see, thank you. So you are meaning the Space Separator tool or the energy model tools which uses conceptual masses?

The space separator works which is great, thank you, however occasionally the outputs are open breps due to inaccuracies of the drawn lines. Using conceptual masses you can also split the spaces and also export these as gbxml files. I have not done that successfully to see if that is an option.