How to create a PDF out of the result?


Does anybody have a tip about how to create a pdf out of the results from Ladybug/Honeybee?



LB.HB won’t be any different from any other Grasshopper file.

I would suggest to bake the results into Rhino and take it from there to your preferred graphic editing software (illustrator, photoshop, etc). Then you can get your pdf.


Abraham pretty much said it all. The only thing that I would add is that, when I export to illustrator, I usually only export only the lines of the graphic and the text that I am not going to edit there. For the colored meshes, you can render them with Rhino render or, if you are cool with a lower-res solution, you can just take a screenshot of them (after setting the background to white). You can then put the images of the colored meshes behind your lines in the pdf.

My preferred method for quickly putting together a pdf is just taking a lot of screenshots/pictures with the windows snipping tool and pasting them into an illustrator file.

I hope that helps,


As an alternative once I modified a script that I found in the forum to export SVG files and you could then import them into Illustrator with no issues.

I also just remembered that Rhino has a direct export to PDF. I am not so sure that it will give you the results that you want but it is an option.

Thanks for the tips and quick respons!

Some updates: I have tried the Rhino pdf maker and it exports the lines without the colours, as Chris Mackey mentions.

So far the only way I found to get the coloured results as a pdf was with this sricpt:

I upload my def. hope it helps :slight_smile:

Color hatch & Ladybugg honeybee (86 KB)