How to create a surface from multiple points

Hello everyone.
I am in need for help.

I am trying to simulate where the reflected light from the exterior walls hits the surrounding buildings.
I can calculate in the simulation which points on the surrounding buildings will be hit by the reflected light.
I want to create a surface by connecting the points where the reflected light hits, but I cannot create the surface well when the surface is not square.
In the above case, how can I make a surface?

The following figure shows an example of a case where a surface could not be created successfully.

On the other hand, the following figure shows an example of a surface that is successfully created.

Thank you in advance.

★Shading and Reflection (488.5 KB)

Hi KaoriO

This is a bit of a janky solution, but it works for your case. I’m sure there’s more elegant solutions out there that would be more robust.
★Shading and Reflection (491.3 KB)


Hi charlie.brooker

Thank you for suggesting a solution. The problem was solved for the time being.
I will check if the solution you suggested can be successfully simulated with other models.