How to create ironbug schedule?

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I am trying to model oa system with ironbug, and want to set the minimum oa schedule for oa controller.
I have created the schedule as below screenshot, but once I connect the schedule, it will fail to run, without schedule the simulation works.
May I know how to fix this issue, did I create the schedule in wrong way?
Thank you!

This is more of an OpenStudio SDK question than an IronBug question but what is the failure message that you get when you try to run it with that schedule? That message will probably have information about what you need to change to get it to work.

Thanks for your reply @chris
Below is the failure message I got from the component report after I connect the schedule.

It looks like you just need to add a fan into your air loop.


I think I ran into a similar issue while I was defining the fraction of outside air of the ventilation. I think the issue comes from the addition of a schedule to the Outdoor Air controller. When the schedule is added, the position of the OA System in Grasshopper is ignored and it becomes the last component instead which can be seen in Openstudio.

When the schedule is removed the proper order of components returns.

I don’t think this is intended and perhaps a bug? (@MingboPeng)

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There is a fan in the air loop, without this schedule connection, the calculation works well.

Hi @Sneaky, if you want to provide a sample file for me to debug, it will make my life much easier. But I tried to create your issue based on what you provided; it seems everything works fine on my side.

Without your sample file, what I could guess is somehow the order of supply side components are messed up after “Merge” component. What I can suggest is use a panel to check the order of components to see if each component is at the right position. (30.6 KB)

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Thank you for giving it a go and providing the picture showing how it should work. I took a look at how your encircled area is different from what I had and found that the problem lies in the “ValuesOrRules” input for the IB_Schedule. The “Duplicate Data” output needs to be flattened. When it is not the OASystem will be put at the bottom of the Merge instead of its specified location.

I couldn’t before, but here is the file just in case:
Scheduled (133.1 KB)

@gogog maybe when you flatten the outputs of your “Duplicate Data” (or the Merge before the IB_Schedule) it works?

Yes, that might be an issue. Probably using “Duplicate Data” changed the data structure and then affects the downstream data structures.

You can just set flatten for each input of Merge (see screenshot below) so that it ensures all data structures are the same before Merge.

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