How to create .json file for schedules

I am new at honeybee, I want to provide occupancy schedule, lighting schedule, electric equipment and people schedule but I don’t know how to do it ( how to create JSON file for it?). Can someone guide me??
Can anyone tell me this from scratch??

Hi @lall You can check this example script

Thanks, @Asisnath but I am getting this unit type error even after selecting Activity Level from the search list as shown in figure. Also, the program shows another error of no attribute lighting. Can you help me out here ?

Here is a sample file to guide you to create and add different type of schedule to a folder. (86.4 KB)

And run the versioner component to update your LBT to latest 1.4 version.

I installed rhino7 and reinstalled ladybug tools 1.4.0 and I am still having issues with people’s occupancy schedule. It says “activitylevel” is not in schedule type limits. I am not sure what am I doing wrong. Any suggestions??

It would be great if you could share the gh script to check

I have modified you script to make it workable. You were using wrong component to assign schedules. Here is the script (127.3 KB)

Thanks a ton, it was really helpful

Hi Asis,
In this program, I am not able to give my constant ventilation schedule. Can you please tell me how to give a constant 6 ac/h ? Along with all other schedules