How to display the specific temperature value on the temperature color block

Hello, I have found the indoor temperature distribution gradient after finishing the indoor microclimate analysis.
Could you please tell me how to express the specific number on the corresponding color block?
Because I want to find the specific temperature range in a certain horizontal or vertical direction :grinning:

For example, a plug-in like this one in GH can be used to convert between them

I do not fully understand your question, but I believe You want to find specific temperature values.
One workaround is You can set the gradient yourself, and change the color for a specific range so it is more visible.

This is an example where I wanted to specifically find values between 1.5 to 3.0

Then I could visually find those areas easily:

You can however also find the locations of the specific values and just look for them. But to help you with that You should upload your file

Is that how you do it?But it looks a little different from your display mode :grinning: :grinning: