How to download energyplus 8-1-0 for rhino 5

In my laptop rhino 6 cant be installed so i use rhino 5. For honey be it asks for energypluseV8-1-0.exe and in the energy plus site i have created account and in old version download i have found v8 1 0 but the exe file dos not exist anymore . The files are sh .
Can you help please

Hi @ElaheKazemiForood You should update honeybee to Version 2020. Then Using energyplus 8.8 or new version as the energy modeling engine.

Hi mingga
For now i am using rhino 6 . Its ok with that
i will try it b,cos i am trying to work with rhino 5

@ElaheKazemiForood Ladybug tools version 2020 can support energyplus 8.8 or higher version. If you want to download energyplus 8.1.0, you can visit this link.

I have exactly downloaded that file from that link.
But az i have told here it doesnt have aby .exe file so i can install that. I donno how to use those file that cant run bcos az i told doesnt have .exe file.
Thanks for your reply

@ElaheKazemiForood You shold post the errors which generated by honeybee for further discussion.

Now i am working rhino 6 with some ones computer. I don have rhino 5 i have removed that. But i have leave here the error message . It asks fir energyplys 8.1.exe
If its nessasery when i run rhino 5 a encounter the error i will share it here .