How to Dump/write and load a Discontinuous Data collection to an external file

Hi all,

I am working with a very heavy file and I’m trying to write some of the intermediary results to split the script. For doing so I have tried both the DumpHBObjects and Object-to-string of the new Ladybug Tools. Ideally, I need to write some Discontinuous Data collections (well, a few thousands of them) to a file and then read it back again with the same format/structure so I can take them down the workflow.

The options mentioned above don’t seem to function with Data collections, is there a specific way to do this or is it a bug?
The Dump object does write the json files, but they are not read back by the Load one.

I have recreated the issue here:Dump data (25.0 KB)


@RafaelA ,

Data Collections can be serialized to/from a dictionary or JSON but the honeybee serialization components are only meant for serializing honeybee objects. You can do the serailization to JSON with the following code:

import json

a = 'C:/ladybug/data_collection.json'
obj_dict = [data.to_dict() for data in x]

with open(a, 'w') as fp:
    json.dump(obj_dict, fp)

And here’s how you can re-serialize it back:

from ladybug.datacollection import HourlyDiscontinuousCollection
import json

with open(x) as json_file:
    all_data = json.load(json_file)

a = [HourlyDiscontinuousCollection.from_dict(data) for data in all_data]

Here’s a sample file: (22.5 KB)

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@chris this is great! thank you

I have tweaked a couple of things so that it also works with Continuous Data collections. (16.3 KB)

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I also added small tweak to format nicer exported JSON :blush:
File: (27.9 KB)

    ghenv.Component.Name = 'LB Dump Data'
    ghenv.Component.NickName = 'DumpData'

    import json

    if run_ > 0:
        obj_dict = [data.to_dict() for data in _data]
        a = _filepath
        with open(a, 'w') as fp:
            json.dump(obj_dict, fp, ensure_ascii=False, indent=4, sort_keys=True, separators=(',', ': '))
    #indent: Use 4 spaces to indent each line
    #sort_keys: sort the keys of dictionaries.
    #separators: To prevent Python from adding trailing whitespaces

Hi all.
Is there a way to save the results from the IncidenteRadiation component to the int_mtx output?

@chris and @MichalDengusiak I tried your Python component but it didn’t work.