How to export data .. to excel .xlsx or csv regardless of time period

Hi guys …

I have used the component shown in the photo to export .csv file … it works only when the number of values are 8760, which are the years hours as known. The timeStep_ option can be used to change the value to different resolution … say half an hour instead of hour by doubling the 8760 …

Now … I made averaging over months … Therefore, I got only 12 results and the component refused to export data.

Is there another way to export it directly to .xlsx. else, how to make this component work regardless of the time period?

You need to use another plugin. I use TT Toolbox to import/ export to excel.

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Thank you very much @MohammedAlshayeb That worked …!

I’ll also add that the csv component that you reference, @Ahmed_Jendeya , is only intended to write out
csv file schedules that are input into the energyplus simulation (not for recording outputs). See this video for their use case:

These input schedules can only change the value for each hour of the year and can’t change it on other timesteps. Realizing this, I have taken the timestep input out of the csv component since it does not give us usable E+ simulations and only adds confusion:

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Thanks @chris for the addition …
Your Youtube videos made my first steps in ladybug and Honeybee … :slight_smile:

Hello Dear Chris,
I wanna know is it possible to export data analysis to pdf file?