How to generate surface based fisheye image?

May I ask if there is a way in LB+HB to create fisheye image in which the view point is based on the centroid of a surface, say a window, and the view direction is the same as the normal of the surface?



Before you run the image based simulation, use the Rhino OrientCameraToSrf command and this will ensure that your Rhino view is facing the normal direction of the surface as you ask.

The option for a fish eye image is on the image base simulation recipe. Let me know if you need any more explanation or if I am not understanding your question.


Hi, Chris, thanks for your advices!

The view I want to get is actually like a view looking out from a window. The Rhino’s orientCameraToSrf is actually doing the opposite of want I want.

But I figure out a way to do it: create a small line section positioned at the centroid of a surface and align with the normal of the surface, and it will be used a reference to define a camera view by camera and target positions. (see Rhino file attached).

Anyway, I figured out the workflow for view-based image rendering (perspective/fisheye) and grid-based Daylight Factor simulation in HB.

Can you advise on how to color the analysis mesh, although I can visualize the DF value on analysis points?

Thanks! (493 KB)
view_v001.3dm (56.8 KB)

You can use Ladybug’s setView component. You can set the view based on a point and a vector.

To color the analysis mesh you can use re-color Mesh component. If you check any of Honeybee example files you should be able to see how to do that.


All of the methods to orient the camera here are great, including Mostapha’s awesome parametric way.

To clarify how to use the orientCameraToSrf, you should flip the surface in Rhino before you use the command and your camera will be oriented in the opposite direction.