How to get clean surfaced model from honeybee IDF generator

Hello everyone,

I am creating a IDF files from scratch(starting from geometry) in Honeybee. But I am not getting clean surfaces. As seen in image 1, I have multiple polygon for a single surface. The IDF runs fine in Energy plus but I want to get clean surfaces. Has anybody faced this problem before? or does anybody know how to solve this?
Any help would be appreciated

Hi @bhumika The image you posted is using AutoCAD which is not suitable for visualization. I prefer to import IDF file to Openstudio App or Openstudio Sketchup plugin or Honeybee. These 3 App will be better for geometry visualization

If only for visualizing, why not to use the HB_importIDF?

Hi @minggangyin @AbrahamYezioro
It’s not for visualization purpose, I wanted to solve this error:
** Warning ** GetSurfaceData: There are 11 coincident/collinear vertices;

Hi @bhumika Please upload the IDF file for further discussion.