How to get hourly/multiple radiation analysis & sun paths for period?


I developed a radiation analysis with ladybug that simulates the sunlight affection in kWh per m2 on a building with context. The period goes from 01.04.XXXX, 01:00 - 01.04.XXXX, 24:00. What I need is a study that shows the transformation of the sunlight affection hourly. So I need heat maps and sun paths for 08:00, 09:00, 10:00, etc.
Unfortunatly I just receive one visualization, although I insert the period. (I suppose that LB calculates an average).

Hopefully someone knows how to get images and paths for every hour seperatly, without defining each HOY individually.

Find my gh file with geometry internalised attatched

Thanks a lot for your time! (621.3 KB)

@Student_F I can not see you gh file. Please check and re-upload it.

Sorry, I re-uploaded it ! Thank you!

Sorry, still the wrong file. Now everything is internalised!

you can use ’ analysisPeriod’
and then choose month and day
then your hour
you can change your hour

in the above pic
for 5 junuary
you can calculate for 8 to 9
8 from hour
9 to hour

thanks a lot for your help!