How to get illuminance landing on a surface, taking into account reflection from a mirror

I am trying to use honeybee daylight simulation tool to get the illumiance landing on a surface from sunlight, but also taking into account the reflection from a mirror surface (sphere) I’ve placed above the surface.
So far, the mirror surface works in blocking some amount of sunlight, but the reflection doesn’t seem to bring more illuminance to the dark area. I’m wondering what I did wrong in my setup if anyone can help.

Hi @Carmen, Welcome to the forum. Can you share a sample script to test?

For starters Mirror material should only be applied to planar faces and you should make sure the normal of those faces are facing outwards. I would double check the seen first with an image-based recipe to make sure the geometry and materials are assigned correctly and then try to run the grid-based study.

Thanks, @mostapha, see my file here.
Is there a to apply mirror material on a curved surface though? (69.9 KB)

No. See here for more information:

[…] This material is only supported for flat surfaces such as polygons and rings.