How to get: (taskPositionUV and Angle) in glareAnalysis?

Hi everyone…

I need to get the glare index in a space for a specific point… I tried to get task Position UV and Angle, but I failed…

please, tell me how to get a specific point… And what is the utility of task Position Angle if I get the UV point?

attached below the picture… Thanks

The values should be between 0-1 for uv values. I usually use an MD slider. (18.3 KB)

Sorry, but can you tell me what is the meaning of the Angle? and why it is just U and V ? I mean any position should be x, y and z!

The task position for the view? However I already have a view (human eye)!

I am sorry … I am little confused … could you please explain to me the position for what?

Thank you very much

Sorry for the late follow up. Because I have the same confusion and I tried to change the values for UV and Angle, but nothing happened for running the DGP components.
Anyone could help with this?

It should work without issues using the HB Glare Postprocess component in LBT 1.4.