How to get the equation that ladybug/honeybee uses to caculte cooling and heating energy consumption

where can I get the information related to the equations used by honeybee/ladybug to calculate the cooling and heating energy consumption?
I need this information to know hoe the energy is being calculated.

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Ladybug tools uses EnergyPlus as a simulation engine for energy modelling. You can find info on the equations used in e+ in the engineering reference documentation: Table of Contents: Engineering Reference — EnergyPlus 23.1 (


Thanks for this. But There are so many things in this document. Its difficult to search for the equations used for energy calculation. I need to make a presentation showing the simulation flow chart. So, I was hoping to get the equations used in energy calculation directly.

Are there any other site/ source where i can get this information in easy format. I would appreciate your help.

The answer Dimitry gave is the ultimate answer to all questions about the equations used by the many different objects in EnergyPlus.

If this is a presentation to people who know nothing at all about energy simulation, maybe you want to start them off by explaining the first law of thermodynamics, similar to these tutorial videos here: