How to give a analysis mesh transparency?

Sometimes I would like to give some of the analysis mesh some transparency (I know it is possible with some of the outputs but not all). I have not found a good way of doing it yet. Anyone that have some good tips on doing that?



As far as I know you can’t give transparency to mesh faces. David has a post on why but I can’t find it now. The easiest solution that I know is to re-generate the faces as surfaces and color them. With the new re-colorMesh component it should be pretty easy.

Mostapha hello!

I am trying to apply this solution and seems like the VER is not installed on my machine. I went and updated the plug-ins, however it seems to back track to 2014 version and just wipe everything out. Even after using the remove

Not working at all now

Confused what to do…

Hi Yuliya, Remove everything first and then open the attached file. Once download is over, close Grasshopper. GrasshopperUnloadPlugin and re-open Grasshopper can you should have the latest version installed on your machine.


here is the file (413 KB)

Thank you Mostapha!

Hi Mostapha,

I’m trying this (very useful) option and solution you are giving.

For some reason the colors in the case i’m trying are shifted/swaped. See attached. The first image is the right one, straight from LB. The second is the wrong one.

Any ideas?