How to implement energy consumption cycle simulation and store every data point in Honeybee

Dear developers, I have an urgent question that requires your assistance. I am currently conducting an energy simulation in Honeybee and need to simulate the energy consumption data for 625 possible scenarios when defining exterior and interior wall components. Additionally, I need to store the energy consumption simulation data for each of these 625 scenarios. How can I implement this loop to obtain the energy consumption data for each of the 625 wall settings?
Partial Battery (280.2 KB)

Hi @zhanglezhi

Mostly Colibri is used for this.

I’m sorry to report that I attempted to resolve this issue using Colibri, but unfortunately my Rhino was unable to successfully install the plugin and use it. Is there another solution available? I look forward to hearing back from you.


Did you try TTtoolbox 1.9?

Hello, I’m using this plugin for iterative calculations, but I have a very urgent problem at the moment. When I am using colibri for calculation, I have a total of 484 groups to calculate, I am sure that there is no problem with the connection of my component, but every time it finishes calculating three groups it quits the calculation . So I had to click “FLY” again myself, this problem is seriously delaying me in getting the data, may I ask why this is so? How can I fix it.

What confuses me is that it has no effect other than exiting the loop calculation, and no component reports an error.