How to insert more than one EP construction in a surface

Hi, I was thinking about if is possible configure two EP constructions in a ExternalWall, for example, first, I have a beam + covering, and, above, I have an brick’s wall. Detail: specifying the height of each EP construction. (See the picture)

Another issue, when I tryed to add a window material (simple glass) to cover a ExternalWall (in cases of buildings completely covered of glass), the energyplus simulation give me an error. How to solve this?

I just want to represent a construction like this


  1. Just make one construction by decomposing the two constructions that you have with the “Decompose EP Construction” component and connecting the materials up to a new “EnergyPlus Construction” component.

  2. EnergyPlus does not allow you to make a window that goes all of the way to the edges of the parent opaque surface. Just offset your window a little and it will work.


Ok, thank you Chris!

Do you have any file of a tall building that you configure every material on HB and applied to respective surface, (exterior and interior wall, floor, roof, ceiling…) to free up? Just to use as reference?

I still have problems :confused:

To set interior constructions (Set_Ep_Zone_Interior_Constructions) after set main constructions (Set_Ep_Zone_Constructions) - It returns surfaces adjacents errors

Thank you again!


Is the error occurring on the Run simulation component? If so, this might be related to an issue that I was experiencing this past week. I was able to work around it by right clicking on the GH canvas and hitting “Recompute” but this is something that we should fix in the workflow. In any case, can you upload a simple GH file that shows the issue?