How to Make Custom Lighting Control?

Hi, I want to make a custom lighting schedule, in which I use manual on/off switch, but it will return ‘1’ only if the illuminance of certain sensor point is below certain setpoint.

I see that editing the Honeybee_Lighting Control Recipe is possible, but I don’t know how. Anyone know how to?

Hi Albertus,

If I understand your problem correctly, and you want to create a lighting schedule for energy simulation with certain values you can just edit the csv file manually. Is this what you’re trying to achieve?


Yes. I have made it using expression according to annual hourly occupation value and its illuminance value actually. But I don’t know where to connect the lighting schedule.

At the end I want to make comparison between annual hourly of illuminance without and with electric lighting.

Here I attached the GH and EPW files, also screencap of the difference of annual electric use as the result different scheduling. (By the way, why is there difference of Daysim calculation[pink one] with my calculation from Daysim scheduling[the yellow one] ?)

I need the result of annual hourly illuminance (because of daylight and luminaire) because I will optimize the Luminous Flux of the lamp to minimize the electric use, but maximize the illuminance (MMO). (589 KB)
IDN_Bandung_MN6.epw (1.37 MB)