How to make use of the grid_filter option on recipes

Hi, @chris I’m trying to use PIT comand but I don’t know how to introduce the “Grid filter” I tryed with many elements but I don’t know what is the correct. I hope somebody can help me, I am very new in this interface. Thanks.
Also, I have my grid (in green section in the image) with the “LB Generate Point Grid”…

Hi @claudia.gomez,

You need to connect the _positions and _directions_ from “LB Generate Point Grid” to “HB Sensor Grid”. Once you have done that, you should add the grid(s) to the model. Finally you should connect the model to the first input of the recipe. See the image below or check the latest sample file: (82.2 KB)

The grid_filter_ input should only be used if you have multiple grids in the model, but want to run the simulation for only some grids. I feel that this is not what you want. If you have two grids in the model named “room_a” and “room_b”, you can input “room_b” in grid_filter_ if you only wanted to run the simulation for grid “room_b”.

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Hi @mikkel Thank you very much for your help, your file helped me to understand the connections. Unfortunately it didn’t give me results, I tried to follow the connections but I still have an error, however, I don’t know how it says that the number of sensors do not correspond. I hope you can guide me, otherwise, I appreciate your attention.

TE_Abril (550.2 KB)

The error you get has been discussed many times. I wanted to try your file but the geometry is not internalised.


Thank you @AbrahamYezioro then I’ll search in the forum about this theme. Also including the 3dm file for the geometry issue in case you want to run it. Thanks
TE_Abril 2022.3dm (1.3 MB)
TE_Abril (548.4 KB)

You need to graft the mesh input in the SensorGrid component, so the positions tree fits the mesh.

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It works! Thank you so much @AbrahamYezioro :raised_hands:t4:

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