How to Model Glare in Honeybee (eg. from solar panels)

Hi Chris,

I am trying to analyse glare caused due to pv panels installation on the surrounding buildings and ground. For which I want to model pvs.

Can you advise on how can I model pvs in LB version 1.7? I am looking for a component similar to “SimplifiedPhotovoltaicsModule” where I can define material properties etc of the pv panel.

The way I was trying to do it was to model a rectangle as a HB face and assign HB modifiers to it in order to define properties. will this be a correct way?

Thank you.

Hi Aashi and welcome to the community

Modelling some rectangles and giving them a reflectance should suffice, i’d say.

You say that the purpose of your study is to quantify the effect the PV’s have on glare probability. To do this, you probably need to perform two simulations - one without PV’s and another with the PV’s. The difference between these two results will tell you what effect the reflection from the PV’s make.

I guess that both Point-In-Time View-Based recipe or the Imageless Annual Glare recipe would work for this purpose, depending on the level of detail you are going for.

Hi Mark,
Thank you for your answer. I tried image ‘Point-In-Time View-Based’ recipe and got these results

I have a few follow up question to confirm what i am doing is correct and are as follows:

  1. In the first step, I have made a HB Model, in which the PV panels are assigned as HB Face and all the surroundings including ground and buildings are assigned as HB Shades. Is 'HB shades ’ the correct component to use here?
  2. How can I export .HDR file to .png or .jpg format ?
    Image based glare (80.3 KB)

Thank you.

It is easy to do this . You can use HDR to gif in ladybug tools 1.7.0 or HDR to tif and image convert in Honeybee legacy version.

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