How to model stack ventilation in honeybee 1.6.x

I want to model passive stack ventilation, i.e. an atrium ventilation scheme in honeybee 1.6.0 and can´t find a component for the height input between inlet and outlet opening. Up until the honeybee legacy version, I used the Set EP Air Flow component. Where is the stack ventilation possibility now?

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Hi @AnjaWillmann ,

You bring up a good point here that we supported a lot of customization of the ZoneVentilation:WindandStackOpenArea in legacy Honeybee. In LBT, we really only use this object to model window openings and there’s no “Custom Wind and Stack” option.

If you want this level of customization with the LBT plugin, I recommend using the “Additional IDF Strings” input. Here is a sample of how to do it: (59.0 KB)

Hope that helps.

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