How to modify python script yourself

Hi guys,

I often see some uptades or fine tunning adjustments on some components. I don’t know how to code mysleft, and I simply want to know how to change the python script of a component and the proper way to do it.

Am I only supposed to double click on the component in the GH canvas and change it and that’s it ?
Copy and past looks o.k. for one code line, but not for many as it didn’t follow the original structure of the Python script (adding all the dots before… etc.)

For instance,
The honeybee intersect masses component didn’t seems to work. Here seems to be the solution. What’s the quickest way to copy and past this ?

Thank you,
Charles C.

Why don’t you just update the components?
You don’t need to code that.

Hi @AbrahamYezioro

I didn’t know that when these adjustments where released the components were automatically updated also on Github. Is this the case ?
Otherwise, I though that was a good opportunity to initiate myself to python script.

Also, regarding the HB and LB update component … I still have that issue

Charles C.

They are updated on github. Yu can download the master file and update manually.
Can’t say why the problem is happening.

I replied to other topic. We can hopefully fix that otherwise as Abraham said you can just remove the userobjects and copy the new ones manually.

ok, I manually replaced them ! thank you guys

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