How to print total pressure with Probes in outdoor-airflow case


If I need to analyse total pressure with probe, what can I do ? After created the case with butterfly, I tried to define total pressure field in Probes file as below, which was located in system file, but it didn’t work : After calculation, it didn’t give any file about totalPressure in postProcess/probes/0, can anybody help ?

I know it is more a question about openFoam but I can’t find any topic about this in openFoam forum, so I ask here.

Thanks a lot !

Have you tried writing the pressure functionobject outside of the probe?

Thanks a lot !

I got a greate probe for total pressure in postProcess/probes file, but the new problem is :

I don’t know how to print those results with butterfly. It seems that butterfly can not charge thoses probe files when I luanch the calculation with blueCFD but not butterfly_solution component. Do we have any ways to print the total(p) result as before with butterfly ?

I really appreciate your reply!