How to Re-run the UWG on Mac

Dear All,

How exactly do you " re-run the .bat file that is next to the JSON in order to run the new custom JSON through the UWG and get an updated EPW file?" I am using a mac so I don’t know if that makes a big difference.


Hi @josh.j.huang ,

This is a good question since .bat files are Windows-only and you don’t find them used on Mac at all.

Instead, you should see that there’s a shell file .sh that is written out next to the UWG JSON file. You can double-click this .sh file that is next to the .json file in order to re-run the JSON through the UWG and produce a new morphed EPW file. You can also run this .sh file from command line just like you could with the .bat file on Windows.

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Thanks @chris. Worked perfectly!