How to read each hoys value for specific sensor out from the Annual Irradiance Simulation

Hello dear community,

I have a annual irradiance result for X sensors, but the Ill files give me a hard file to manage, where each row contains 8760 values for the each sensor.

I want to ask if is possible to read the 8760 value of a specific sensor, in a multiline list, out from the annual irradiance simulation.

Thanks in advance

Most easy way is using the results to data component, if you provide the one sensor you are looking for to the sel_pts input, and all sensors to all_pts input.

Alternatively, you can just select one data from the full data list out from the component. The order of the result list align with the order of you sensor list.


Thanks for the tip Bing,
I was wrong not to use the list item to filter the sensor to be selected, I thought directly to write the sensor number in sel_points and this gave me the error

Thanks and Greetings