How to Run Energy Balance in R7 and Updated HB/LB Tools

Hi all,

I’m quite new to GH (and LB/HB), and am looking to run Energy Balance and Indoor Microclimate visualizations using (and learning with) the latest versions of Rhino and the plugins. I am only finding components from HB legacy: Honeybee_Microclimate Map Analysis and Honeybee_Construct Energy Balance, both from v.66. As we are working with HB rooms now, what is the best way to run these analyses? Is there a resource that I could be referred to to use for understanding these newer components and how they interact with HBRooms?

Much appreciated,


Hi @sjohnson,

Here an old example chris made. Microclimate maps can only be generated with the legacy versions. (763.8 KB)
And here you can find the example for an energy balance.


Thanks for the reply. I’ll try those out. Like the microclimate maps, can energy balance simulations and charts only be ran/generated from legacy versions?


No, with the LBT you can also generate an energy balance of the project.