How to save a view as a vector?

I want to print a radiation rose to a pdf file as a vector, but it only prints black/white wireframes.
Exporting to pdf, emf…etc also has the same issue.
Raster output works fine.
Is there a way to get a vector graphic of the radiation rose?
Thank you

Hi - The bakeIt_ input of the radiationRose component takes an integer that tells how to bake the objects. If you set it to 1, colored hatches and text will be created. This will print as vector to e.g. PDF.

Hi, wim!
Even with the bakeIt_ option set to true it still gives only the wireframes without any usefull infos.
It’s just the radiation rose without any other geometry in rhino. The file is the same as the one in hydra (radiation_rose) with no modifications, except the bakeIt (391.4 KB)

Hi Sam,

  1. I’m not sure if that was intentional on your part but, as the tooltip says, the bakeIt_ input takes an integer and you can use 0, 1, or 2. Yes, you can input a boolean if you need either 0 or 1, and, as such, in this case your True is mapped to 1. So far, so good.
  2. By default, when you bake this geometry, the layers that this geometry is created on are turned off:
    Did you turn those layers On?

If you did turn those on and still don’t get hatches and text, please post the 3dm file.

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Hi wim,
Thank you for your help, I did try to turn them on but I got the same result.
Here is the 3dm file :
rose.3dm (501.6 KB)

Hi again,
I did a fresh install, deleting all the residual files and register entries.
And now it works when the layers are turned on.
Thank you wim!

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