How to save multiple images of viewports


I’m trying to use CaptureView to save several images, one image of each Viewport. In this example I’m trying to save images of two viewports but the script only ends up saving one viewport.


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Hi @Astaahl,
To save multiple views by one capture view component set the viewNames_ input to Graft:

It should work without Grafting. viewNames_ is a list and the component loops through the input views.

@Astaahl, is it possible to use ASCII characters for view names?

is it possible to use ASCII characters for view names?


@mostapha (never forget!)

Hi @OmidmRashidi,
This is some nice tool you’re using to annotate images. Can you please share which is it?

Hi @devang , FastStone Capture

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Graft did not work. Instead it only saves the current viewport.

@mostapha Whenever I try to go into font settings in the panel Rhinoceros crashes so I cant change that.

TEST (454.4 KB)


Anyone tried the script attached?

Hi @Astaahl,
You can iterate through all the viewnames by doing something like the following;

This does involve using a Colibri component.

what if I want to capture the specific area? For example, I only want to capture the image inside my rectangular