How to see the effect of window close/ open situation on indoor airflow with Butterfly

Hi everyone.

I am trying to see the effects of the window when it is close or open on indoor airflow with the Butterfly plugin.

Does anybody know how could we set up a different window open/close situation with Butterfly?
I tried a different situation, it seems the simulations run by changing the window Brep position but the airflow mean value doesn’t get changed anyway.

Thank you

The mesh may have failed to be created. you may want to check to see if the boundaries are created correctly in Paraview.
What are the boundary conditions when the window is open?

Yes, I agree. Tried to create Brep from mesh. But still doesn’t get the result.

I wanted to see the velocity for the window when it is opening and compare it when it is closed. The interval gets 10 m/s velocity when it is open

Can you share your files to verify the mesh settings?
Or can you show us an image of the current boundary mesh?

I’m afraid the new users can’t upload a file or image!

So far, I assume we have 0,0,0 velocities in some window positions.

When I create a slider and link it to the inlet window for rotating the position, the velocity shows 0,0,0 in lots of rotating positions. But when I use separate panel numbers, the velocity doesn’t show 0,0,0 until it is totally open.

You can post some share link for your model using dropbox\google drive\one driven\ file transfer etc.
Without your model, it is very hard to answer your question.