How to select a geometry in rhino

Thank you Mostapha.I am also trying to select the example geometry of chris mackey in Rhino but object is not selected and It doesn’t show any layer when I select multiple Berep.I will be so grateful if anybody can help me in this matter.


As I commented on the other discussion we can probably help you if you upload the file.

If I’m not mistaken, you are talking about Mackey’s example file for Honeybee tutorials, because geometry is internalised it only works as a “preview” in Grasshopper, to bring it back in Rhino you need to bake it (right click on a container component and select that nice looking fried egg, yum, or hit insert button on your keyboard if you are lazy like me)

I’d also recommend you to check the tutorials, they will help you stand up and run in no time (especially YouTube tutorials).

I hope it helps you with current problem.

Thank so much Tim.I am also lazy like you.You gave amazing links of tutorials.I am working on a project of energy modelling of a building and possible retrofits.

Thanks again.