How to seperate district heating and cooling results seperated by room

Hi everyone,

Im currently doing an energy simulation with a district heating and cooling system (Template : DOAS with fan coil district chilled water with district hot water). After I run the simulation, instead of getting the heating and cooling demands by room ( 20 of them), as if i were doing it with ideal loads, it all gets summed up together. Is there a way I can seperate the heating and cooling results by room to see which are consumming the most? Maybe a specific SimulationOutput is needed in the HBSimulationParameter component ?

Thanks for your help !

Hi @langel,

With a doas system you have for each room a Fan coil unit with a heating and cooling coil. Besides the coils you will also have also a heating and cooling coil in the airloops of the doas system. So part of the heating demand is met by the fancoil units and an other part is done by the heating coil in the airloop system.

You can get these values by asking for these output values via the “custom simulation output”

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