How to set a mechanical ventilation system with a supply air temperature to be the outdoor air temperature above 18 degree Celcius

Hi all!!

I am doing my Master thesis, and I am parameterizing a zone and I want to apply a mechanical ventilation as it is an office room. However, E+ heats up the zone through ideal air loads HVAC system, which means that the ventilation and the heating system are combined. Thus, the supply air temperature is set by the heating system and I could not find a way to set a specific supply air temperature for the mechanical ventilation strategy I wish. So, in other words, if I want to apply radiators for a heating system how could I set it? And similarly, if I want to have a mechanical ventilation system setting a supply air temperature from outdoors when the dry bulb temperature is 18 degree Celsius or higher, how is it possible?
As for the schedule of the heating and cooling setpoints (15deg as a heating setback during unoccupied hours and 23 deg as heating setpoint during occupied hours considering that the heating system will work when the indoor temperature drops 23deg in order to maintain a temperature close to 23deg, the cooling setpoint of 30deg was set in order to avoid the operation of cooling system as it is considered that the indoor temperature will never reach 30deg).
The attached picture depicts the supply air temperatures and the supply volume flow rates (the latter ones are exactly what I expected), and it is clear that at 8am the supply air temperature (no 31 of the list) increases in order to give the desired higher volume flow rate of 0.042m3/s.

Thanks a lot in advance