How to set and visualize a lot of surfaces as windows?

I want to have many windows on one wall. These types of windows have been used in Iranian native architecture.

But I can’t use components like HB Visualize by Type and HB Visualize All. It is a strange happening. I think that I will be faced some problems getting the output of daylighting and energy simulation. what is the origin of the problem?
This is my simplified model and the number of windows is more in my original model.

This picture shows my workflow and I attach them.

running the attached file has taken a lot of time, is it ok? (144.8 KB)

Another problem in this type of modeling is when HB Visualize by Type is used to display geometry. You can see that it creates additional lines for the circular window. What is the cause of this issue? Is this a bug? (31.8 KB)

This would be a lot simpler if you meshed your curved window geometries before you made Honeybee objects with them. This way, you could be in control of how exactly they become planarized for the Radiance calculation. Here’s what I recommend for your case: (147.8 KB)

Actually, I have an even better suggestion for this case, you can use the meshing parameters with the HB Planarize Brep component and this will give you an even cleaner result: (155.2 KB)

Note that I had to drop my Rhino tolerance to 0.001 meters to get this to work well with all of these detailed geometries.


FYI, @Mohammad.hakim.a ,

I just wanted you to know that I’m planning to revise the methods that caused this case to run so slowly since they really do not scale well right now. Improving the method is not the highest priority on my list but you can probably expect it to be implemented within the next couple of months. You will know for sure that it is implemented once this issue is closed:



Thank you very much

Hey @Mohammad.hakim.a ,

I have finished implementing the performance improvement noted above and I can see that it makes your case much easier to model. I probably still wouldn’t recommend creating the model directly from the curved surfaces but I found that I could lower the Rhino model tolerance to 0.0001 and drop the Min Edge of the meshing parameters to 0.02 and it produces some smoother geometry with little impact on the performance. (154.9 KB)

This way you can resolve the “sine wave” shape of the windows in your Radiance renderings:

You should be able to get the improvement on your end with the LB Versioner in an hour or so. Thanks again for bringing this up.

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Hi @chris
This work is excellent.